About Beany

e world Ella creates is one she's wanted to be a part of since she was young. Drawings of her recognisable figure 'Beany' can be first found in a 2014 diary entry, and have since then taken the form of acrylic, digital illustration, sculpture, gouache, tattoo and animation. Her work is a nod to the relatably mundane - walking to the shops for milk, paying a water bill, changing your sheets. Ella uses Beany to romantisise these seemingly unimportant occasions, inviting you to find joy in the small, often overlooked moments of your day.

Ella's recent achievements include an artist residency and exhibition in Japan, co-hosting a free art club, curating and exhibiting in a handful of Geelong based exhibitions and recieving multiple Geelong Gallery 'artist of the month' awards.

Her studio is located in Geelong, and is currently working on 
- a couple of mural designs for local businesses
- a window installation 
- a series of fruit inspired figurines
- an artist interview for her monthly newsletter
- her fear of the dark

'Beany In Itoshima', April 24
Beany with Beany in Itoshima, Japan.

                                                           'I can create my own wamth!'

Beany in her old studio at The Hue and Cry Gallery,